Release Notes

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Latest Improvements - 06.25.2019

  • Launched the first, of a new feature set titled, “Brain Health Challenges”. 1st Challenge provides a sneak peek into what’s to come. This Challenge focuses on Problem Solving.
  • Enhancement to My Plan page that enables users to interact directly with the Brain Health Assessment and their personalized recommendations.



Release Notes Date 05.31.2019

  • Daily Puzzle
  • Inclusion of a messaging component that resides horizontally across the top of pages – present only when appropriate.
  • Browser detection functionality to enhance the security, speed, and experience for a user. This functionality will be triggered if a user is using a non-optimized version of their browser, browsers included in this detection functionality:
    • IE 11 
    • Edge 18
    • FF 66
    • Chrome 73
    • Safari 12.1
    • Opera 58

Release Notes Date 04.30.2019

  • Enhance FAQ’s to include AI functionality.
  • Provided additional instruction on Brain games.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented iPhone 12.2 users from viewing images.

Release Notes Date 03.19.2019

  • Redesigned the Member Home Page to increase the number of tiles highlighting program features.
  • Displayed personalized status on the Brain Health Assessment including count down clock on time left before taking the Assessment again, and individual Brain Health Score.
  • Addition of a counter in the “My Plan” header on the user homepage which tells the user how many pieces of content they have in “My Plan”. 
  • Staying Sharp member homepage updates made to include weekly promotional messaging, and support promotional messages with relevant content in the top 5 horizontal tiles.

Release Notes Date 02.19.2019

  • Once you have completed the Brain Health Assessment, a portion of your personalized recommendations are now included in your homepage.
  • Individual messaging based on where you are on in the Brain Health Assessment has been added to article pages.
  • Enable users to invite friends to join Staying Sharp.
  • Give businesses or individuals the opportunity to share business ideas and inquiries with the Staying Sharp team.  

Release Notes Date 01.30.2019

  • Increased the amount of most popular content displayed on the homepage from 3 tiles to 6 tiles.
  • Updated the user interface on the Brain Health Assessment Intro page.

Release Notes Date 01.07.2019

  • Gave users the ability to email articles.
  • Updated the user interface on the Brain Health Report page.

Release Notes Date 12.17.2018

  • Enabled article printing capability.
  • Content updates based on user feedback.
  • Enabled the ability for users to add comments to articles.

Release Notes Date 11.20.2018

  • Turn on homepage notification for users that have previously taken the assessment, and passed their 90 day post-assessment window, letting them know it is time to re-take the Assessment.

Release Notes Date 10.30.2018

  • Added a consolidated video page to the Member area that includes 3 key Staying Sharp videos that help explain the program.

Release Notes Date 10.08.2018

  • Renamed “My List” feature to “My Plan” based on customer feedback (functionality remains the same). 
  • Members will be asked to login again if they are inactive on their “Your Brain Health Report” page for more than 1 hour.

Release Notes Date 09.06.2018

  • Staying Sharp relaunched as an AARP member benefit.  Enhancements include updated branding, consistent templates, faster load times, the ability to create, edit, and complete brain health plans (My Plan). 
  • Members who have activated the Staying Sharp program can now personalize the entire experience by purchasing the Brain-Health Assessment and receiving Personalized Recommendations based on their scores. 
  • Members are now able to add any content they are interested in, to their personal “Plan”, including articles, activities, recipes and brain health games, and track them as “Completed” on their personalized My Plan Page. 
  • Members s now have access to the most popular content within each category – articles, activities, games, and recipes In addition, members now see related content..