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Release Notes



Release Notes Date 05.23.2022
  • The Power of Emotions Challenge is now available on the Staying Sharp App. Managing your emotions, even in stormy times, may help you think more clearly and stay more centered, so that you can be the person you want to be. Take this challenge on the go and learn about the roots of emotion and the pathways to emotional agility.

Release Notes Date 05.02.2022
  • The Wonder of Your Brain guide is now available within "Best Of" for Staying Sharp users to read and earn rewards points. Enjoy this "I Am" series of 10 videos that help you learn about the extraordinary powers of the human brain.

Release Notes Date 03.21.2022
  • Staying Sharp has launched a new Challenge — Weight Loss After 50. Weight gain in middle age is not inevitable. Discover the latest science on nutrition and aging, based on AARP’s new best-selling book, The Whole Body Reset.  
  • A new guide on Essential Nutrients is now available within "Best Of." Which vitamins, minerals and other nutrients give some foods their super powers? Find out in this health guide. 

Release Notes Date 03.16.2022
  • Staying Sharp has launched a new Challenge — Powering Down. Focus is like a muscle; use it and it will grow stronger. In this challenge, you’ll learn how to strategically use your attention to help maximize your focus.
  • A new version of the Staying Sharp mobile app has been released. This version includes an update for app users who are opted into AARP Rewards to receive daily rewards (15 points) for accessing the app. They will be alerted via a notification at the top of the app.

Release Notes Date 03.10.2022
  • Staying Sharp has launched a new game — Mirror Map. A beam of light shoots in a straight line across a grid, but you need the light to hit a target. To do that, you’ll place one or more mirrors in the grid squares to redirect the light. Give it a try and see how you do!

Release Notes Date 01.24.2022

  • Staying Sharp users now have two new ways to earn rewards points! The first way is by downloading the Staying Sharp app from either the Apple app store or Google Play, and the second is by completing a Brain Health Challenge via the app. Download the app today and start earning! 

Release Notes Date 01.14.2022
  • Staying Sharp has launched its site in Spanish! You can find Staying Sharp en Espanol here.
  • Staying Sharp has launched a new game — Block Breaker. This game tests your spatial memory with this block-busting puzzler. Give it a try and see how you do!

Release Notes Date 01.12.2022
  • Staying Sharp users will now see a notification when an item has been added to "My Plan." This notification will display within a Challenge as well when an activity has been added to the user's plan.
  • A new "Member Benefits" area has been added to the site that will give member users a sample of the various benefits available to them.  
  • Staying Sharp has launched it's newest challenge — Memory Chunking. In this challenge you’ll learn about tools to help support your memory.

Release Notes Date 12.08.2021

  • The Smart App Banner is now available when users visit Staying Sharp on a mobile device. If the user doesn’t have the app on their device, tapping the banner takes them to the app’s entry in the App Store. If the app is already installed on the user's device, the user can click "Open" in the banner to simply open the app.

Release Notes Date 11.29.2021
  • Staying Sharp users can now play Staying Sharp Games in Alcove, a Virtual Reality Platform by AARP Foundation. Visit our Virtual Reality Games page for more information!

Release Notes Date 11.04.2021

  • Staying Sharp has launched a new game — Highest Bid. This game challenges your brain to recognize and process information quickly, pushing you to make quick, informed decisions. Give it a try and see how you do!
  • TED Talks videos are now available on Staying Sharp platform. Visit our Videos page.

Release Notes Date 10.28.2021
  • A "You May Also Be Interested" section has been added to My Plan when it is empty. 
  • Once a user completes the Brain Health Assessment, Challenges will be included in personalized recommendations.
  • Challenge name will be included in activities added to My Plan from Challenges.

Release Notes Date 09.30.2021
  • Staying Sharp has launched the Fit & Fun Challenge! We know walking is good for us — it increases energy, lifts our mood and more — but making it a habit isn’t always easy. Kickstart your walking journey to help you achieve better health with this 8-week Challenge.

Release Notes Date 09.23.2021
  • Staying Sharp is excited to announce the launch of the Staying Sharp Mobile App. Users can now easily take Staying Sharp with them on the go to build stronger habits and support brain health. Learn more about the mobile app here.

Release Notes Date 09.15.2021
  • Staying Sharp has launched a new game — Swap Puzzles. This game challenges you to form a complete picture from scrambled parts. Give it a try and see how quickly you can complete the picture!

Release Notes Date 08.18.2021
  • Staying Sharp has launched a new game — Tap Targets. This game engages your ability to recognize and respond to specific visual information, challenging you to react quicker and with more precision. Try it out today!

Release Notes Date 07.20.2021
  • Did you know the things you do to make your heart stronger also help protect your brain? In Staying Sharp's latest guide — The Brain-Heart Connection you will learn how to protect them both by managing blood pressure, controlling cholesterol, reducing blood sugar, being active, eating well and lowering harmful stress.

Release Notes Date 07.06.2021
  • Staying Sharp has launched a new game — Number Pop. Play this game to practice switching between different types of information, something we do frequently. Try it out today!

Release Notes Date 07.01.2021

  • Staying Sharp has launched a new guide on How to Talk to Your Doctor. A conversation about your health isn’t complete if it doesn’t include your brain. This guide will help you start the conversation with questions for your doctor and follow-up steps for future appointments.

Release Notes Date 06.16.2021

  • Staying Sharp has re-launched the Everyday Reasoning Brain Health Challenge with an updated look and feel. Good problem-solving skills are essential for feeling healthy and remaining independent as you age. Explore more about reasoning skills through this Challenge.

Release Notes Date 06.10.2021

  • Staying Sharp has launched its first Challenge Series. The Mental Well-Being Challenges explore practical ways of finding and approaching mental well-being, and build as foundational themes are explored.
  • Staying Sharp has re-launched the Memory Loss – Is it Inevitable? Brain Health Challenge with an updated look and feel. This challenge will show you how memory works and what science says you can do to keep it functioning well.
  • To give a visual indicator of progress, Staying Sharp now displays icons in the Additional Tests area showing whether users have completed or haven’t started each test — spatial processing, non-verbal reasoning and verbal reasoning.
  • "Best Of" is now available within the main site navigation.

Release Notes Date 05.17.2021

  • Staying Sharp has launched a new Brain Health Challenge called Digital Declutter. This challenge will provide strategies to make technology something that empowers you to live more fully.
  • To help improve the on-boarding experience for new Staying Sharp users, after activating, users can choose one of the 3 options:  
    1.       Learn more about Staying Sharp, which takes users to the Overview page where they can learn more about our program 
    2.       Take the Brain Health Assessment 
    3.       Explore Staying Sharp on their own, which takes users to their Staying Sharp homepage
  • Users will now see "Up Next" on all of the game detail pages, which will make it easier for users to go to another game similar to the one currently being played.    

Release Notes Date 05.05.2021

  • Staying Sharp has launched a new Brain Health Challenge called Faces & Names. This challenge will provide techniques and strategies that anyone can use to help recognize faces and names.
  • Staying Sharp users who are enrolled in rewards can now earn points by taking quizzes on select articles such as this one: 5 Ways Conversation Strengthens Your Brain

Release Notes Date 04.28.2021

  • Staying Sharp has launched a new guide on Mental Well-Being which talks about discovering tips for improving your outlook in times of stress, increasing resilience, finding happiness and bouncing back from difficult times.
  • Staying Sharp has launched a new game called Pattern Match. In this game you match a series of kaleidoscope layers — speed and accuracy count, so play fast!
  • Users will now see “Personalized Recommendations” and “Up Next” sections on all articles. This will help the user to explore more content on the Staying Sharp site.

Release Notes Date 04.13.2021

  • Users can now see the Top 5 Recently Viewed pieces of content in Articles, Activities and Recipes as well as the Top 5 Recently Played games.  

Release Notes Date 04.06.2021
  • Staying Sharp's Game portfolio now allows users to filter games by the following topics: word play, positivity, concentration, logic, speed, number play, recall, spatial reasoning and trivia.
  • Each game page now includes related information to help users more easily explore other areas of Staying Sharp.
  • Each game page now includes an animation of the game to help users gain a quicker understanding of how to play the game.
  • Users will now see a new footer on the site which will provide easy access to categories and topics.

Release Notes Date 03.18.2021

  • For a better user experience, My Plan is now organized by content type based on site navigation. For users who do not have any items in My Plan, we added instructions and a small visual animation to illustrate how the feature works.
  • Users will now be able to view all "Best Of" by clicking the “View All” link under the "Best Of" section in the right rail.
  • Staying Sharp introduces a “Did You Know” feature that provides a compelling fact from one piece of content to the next. 

Release Notes Date 03.03.2021
  • The Assessment Results page now provides a modal for each lifestyle and cognitive function incorporated into the assessment.  This modal explains the importance of that function and provides activities to help improve in that area.

Release Notes Date 02.10.2021

  • Staying Sharp has launched a new and improved version of the Daily Puzzle. The updated daily puzzles will include word problems, math, trivia, spatial awareness, memorization puzzles and more! The user will now be able to interact with the daily puzzle by selecting an answer from the options given. Check out the new daily puzzle here!

Release Notes Date 02.01.2021
  • A new Brain Health Challenge titled Brain Health 101, has launched. In this challenge, Neurosurgeon and CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta, M.D., helps you explore the six pillars of brain health that research shows can help keep minds active and preserve memories as people age.

Release Notes Date 01.20.2021
  • Staying Sharp introduces a new game called Hidden Objects. This fun game challenges you to find an object when it is hidden amidst a collection of other objects. Click here to give it a try!

Release Notes Date 01.08.2021
  • Staying Sharp users can now earn AARP rewards by taking the Brain Health Challenges. Check out the Challenges and start earning today!