• Turn on homepage notification for users that have previously taken the assessment, and passed their 90 day post-assessment window, letting them know it is time to re-take the Assessment.



  • Added a consolidated video page to the Member area that includes 3 key Staying Sharp videos that help explain the program.    

  • Renamed “My List” feature to “My Plan” based on customer feedback (functionality remains the same).
  • Members will be asked to login again if they are inactive on their “Your Brain Health Report” page for more than 1 hour. 

  • Staying Sharp relaunched as an AARP member benefit.  Enhancements include updated branding, consistent templates, faster load times, the ability to create, edit, and complete brain health plans (My List).
  • Members who have activated the Staying Sharp program can now personalize the entire experience by purchasing the Brain-Health Assessment and receiving Personalized Recommendations based on their scores.
  • Members are now able to add any content they are interested in, to their personal “Plan”, including articles, activities, recipes and brain health games, and track them as “Completed” on their personalized My Plan Page.
  •  Members s now have access to the most popular content within each category – articles, activities, games, and recipes In addition, members now see related content.