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Results from Your Cognitive Assessment and Lifestyle Check-Ins

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    Assessment Results


    Cognitive Score

    The Cognitive Assessment offers a snapshot of your brain’s performance based on the results of five tests. Your scores are then compared with those of others who share the same age, gender and years of education, generating a result of Expected, Above Expected, or Below Expected relative to your peers. Remember, your performance can vary based on several factors, like sleep, stress and other factors.

    Below Expected Above

    Test Taken Performance

    Your Score Over Time

    Your performance over time can be seen in the graph below.

    Test Taken

    Working Memory

      Additional Test Results

      In addition to your Cognitive Results above, here are your additional test results that assessed your skills in the areas of non-verbal reasoning, spatial processing, and verbal reasoning.

      Ready to take Additional Tests?

      Go beyond the cognitive assessment and take these additional cognitive tests to evaluate even more elements of cognition like spatial processing, non-verbal reasoning and verbal reasoning. 

      You May Be Interested In

      Listed below is a summary of each of the cognitive tests. You may want to explore the content listed, starting with those areas where you’ve scored the lowest.

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      Lifestyle Check-Ins

      Science tells us that a healthy lifestyle may help to protect the brain. The six habits listed below—the pillars of brain health—have been shown to have a positive impact. You can review your answers to the questions for each pillar to understand how well your lifestyle supports brain health.

      The Six Pillars of Brain Health

      Consider the steps you’d like to take to improve your lifestyle habits. The accompanying content may help spark some ideas.

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      Why do my results look different from previous assessments I’ve taken?

      We’re constantly modifying and improving the Staying Sharp experience to provide clearer and better insight to our users. For the Assessment, we’ve removed Lifestyle scoring to place greater emphasis on the Cognitive Assessment. The way we calculate your scores has not changed and you can continue to compare your current Cognitive Assessment scores with scores from the Assessment you may have previously taken via the drop down menu at right. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.