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Play Staying Sharp Games in Alcove, a Virtual Reality Platform by AARP Foundation.

Come on in. Make yourselves at home. Alcove’s virtual house lets you connect with the ones you love and create new memories, no matter where they are, or how far away. Whether you want to play, relax, or explore, the opportunities here are endless. Take on challenges at the games table, learn how to meditate on the porch, travel to exotic corners of the universe, engage in music, or just reminisce on the living room couch.

Alcove’s interactive games table is tons of fun. Enjoy dozens of fun games from Staying Sharp, an AARP member benefit. Each one-minute game challenges a specific skill with three levels of difficulty. Play games on memory, speed, focus, word skills, and more, and track your progress over time. Or grab a buddy to play board games like chess and checkers — you’ll find those at Alcove’s game table, too!

Take a glimpse at the descriptions below for all the experiences available in Alcove.

Connect with loved ones
Hang out with friends and family and catch up on the couch in your own virtual home.

Travel the world
Visit the travel room to take a cross-country road trip, ride in a hot air balloon, and explore the depths of the ocean.

Play games
Grab a friend to play checkers or check out fun games from Staying Sharp.

Customize your virtual home
Decorate walls with your own photos, upload and watch your own videos, or change the scenery.

Relax and unwind
Engage in music or dress up your pet bunny with hats, play fetch, or chase it around the house.

Health and wellness
Practice guided meditation, follow workout yoga and strength videos or practice breathing exercises.

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