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Women and Brain Health

AARP Staying Sharp brings you the latest research on
your mind, your mood and the unique needs of women.

View the slideshow and use the three tips today to get a taste of what you will find inside Staying Sharp.


3 Ways to Help Protect Sleep and Brain Health

1.  Find a healthy sleeping and waking rhythm.
    This includes going to bed and getting up at the same time
    each day, but also eating and exercising at the same time,
    and not too close to bedtime.

2. Try getting just a little more sleep.
    Some research suggests women have a biological need for
    about 20 minutes more sleep each night than men do,
    according to the National Sleep Foundation.

3. Struggling with hot flashes and night sweats?
    Try lowering the temperature in your bedroom and wearing
    moisture-wicking pajamas to stay more comfortable.

3 Revolutionary Female Thinkers

What's Included in Staying Sharp

You’ll get the latest research on your mind, your mood and the unique needs of women.


Using Yoga to Heal
Alice Duncan uses alternative therapies to help others relieve stress

Explore the unique needs of women today.