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Mental Well-Being Challenge Series

We all want to feel a sense of balance and emotional well-being in our lives, but learning how takes time and effort. Take some “me time” and choose a Mental Well-Being challenge to start.

Explore Four Mental Well-Being Challenges
Learn about gaining fresh perspectives and insights on ways to cope with change while maintaining peace of mind. 

The Power of Emotions
Being human means experiencing a full range of emotions. Managing your emotions, even in stormy times, may help you think more clearly and stay more centered. Explore the world of emotions now.  Get started.

Building Resilience
Resilience means having the ability to rebound from hardship and approach each day with determination that you’ll do more than survive, you’ll thrive. Learn ways to build resilience. Get started.

Being Present
Explore how the practices of meditation and mindfulness may help with focus, lowering stress and finding balance in everyday life and even enhance your happiness. Get started.

Pursuit of Happiness
Joy doesn’t happen by accident. Learn how cultivating a positive state of mind may lead to stronger relationships and enhanced creativity and productivity. Get started.

Get a sneak peek of what you’ll learn in the Power of Emotions Challenge.

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