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7 Truths About Music

Hear from Daniel Levitin, neuroscientist, cognitive psychologist and best-selling author.

3 Ways Music May Impact You

1. Reducing loneliness
Music may connect you with others, even when you can’t be together.

2. Influencing your mood
A favorite tune can calm you on a frustrating day.

3. Decreasing pain
Research suggests that music therapy can reduce the intensity of chronic pain.

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What’s Included in Staying Sharp’s Guide to Music and Brain Health

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“Why Does Music Bring Us Joy?”

“Shake It Up! Dancing Is Good for Your Brain”

“10 Essential Blues Songs”

GCBH Report on Music and Brain Health

Staying Sharp’s Guide to Music and Brain Health gives you a deep dive into the long-lasting effects of music on your brain. Explore how music and memory are intrinsically tied together. Understand new ways to experience music, and delve into some genres that may be new to you. Hear from top scientists on how music can flex different areas of the brain. This comprehensive guide provides fascinating and fun insights into the world of music.

Learn how music can impact brain health.