What Do I Get?

Staying Sharp offers smart ways to boost brain health with inspiring and empowering information and tools based on the latest science.


Brain Health Information

Learn about the lifestyle behaviors and cognitive functions that impact brain health, including sleep, stress, nutrition, processing speed, sustained attention and memory. AARP members can:

  • Read or listen to articles with tips, and watch videos about how to protect and strengthen your brain.
  • Choose from over 150 activities that you can incorporate into your daily routine.
  • Explore recipes that will help nourish your brain.

Staying Sharp Challenges

New! Build skills that support brain health with Staying Sharp Challenges. Try the problem-solving challenge today and many more this fall. AARP members can:

  • Learn about practical skills that support brain health.
  • Explore by playing digital exercises to practice your new skill
  • Apply your new skills by choosing related activities to incorporate into your day.

My Plan

Use My Plan to build your path to better brain health. AARP Members can:

  • Explore Staying Sharp to find articles, recipes, activities, and Staying Sharp Challenges.
  • Choose what inspires you and add them to My Plan for quick reference.
  • Mark them complete when finished to track your progress.

Brain Health Assessment

AARP Member Price - $6.99

Purchase the Brain Health Assessment to get personalized recommendations based on your score. You’ll take scientifically valid tests that measure five key brain functions and then answer lifestyle questions to get your results. Purchase the assessment so you can:

  • Get a snapshot of your brain performance with your assessment results and see how your lifestyle supports your brain health.
  • Learn what you can do every day to maintain your brain health and improve your scores.
  • Track your results and progress over time by taking the assessment every 90 days.

Brain Palette™
Use this tool to express how you’re feeling about your brain health with color.

Daily Puzzle
Have fun solving a unique puzzle every day. Anyone can view the puzzles, and only members can view the solution.

Play fun games to relax and relieve stress, including memory and word games.

Start exploring Staying Sharp today.