Are You Game?

Have fun, relax, and play games from Staying Sharp®. Staying Sharp is included with AARP membership.

Block Breaker
Break blocks in this fun puzzle.

Mem Machines
Remember the machines you see. 

Mirror Map
Move the mirrors on the grid to reflect the light beams to their matching targets.

Staying Sharp Pattern Match™
Match a series of kaleidoscope layers — speed and accuracy count, so play fast!

Staying Sharp Double Up™
Match a series of related images — from animals to art — in a race against the clock.

Tap Targets
Tap the target shapes as soon as you see them. Speed counts, so play fast!

Sequence Squares
Touch the numbers in ascending order, from lowest to highest.

Highest Bid
Select numbers greater than the highest bid.  


...and MANY more!

A computer and smatphone with Staying Sharp games on it.

A New Spin on Games

Staying Sharp features a wide variety of fun and engaging games that test your recall, focus and word skills.

Two silhouettes of heads with memory games

There's More to Staying Sharp Than Games

Staying Sharp also offers tools to help you learn about improving lifestyle behaviors and building healthy habits today. Discover interactive Challenges, articles, and videos on stress, sleep, memory, focus and more.


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