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Digital Declutter Challenge

Technology keeps us connected with others and on top of world events. But it can be a lot. With the right strategies, you can shift from being distracted by digital tools to using them to live more fully.

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Experience the Digital Declutter Challenge

Focusing on what’s important and filtering out the noise is difficult in our super-connected world. You can use technology more mindfully to stay focused on the task at hand in a very distracting world.

1. Learn
The myth of multitasking.
It sounds like a superpower, but our brains aren’t wired for multitasking. Dividing your attention between your laptop screen, phone alerts and the TV makes it harder to focus.

2. Apply
3 Ways to Manage Information Overload
Too much information can increase stress and fatigue, and even reduce creativity.

Woman and man sitting and talking

1. Talk it out
When every question – from the nearest galaxy to Madonna’s birthday – can be answered with a quick Google search, there may be a more personal way to learn what you need to know.

Person typing on cell phone

2. Declutter your newsfeed
How many newsfeeds do you scroll through regularly? Is it time to trim back? Learn how here.

Spam mail

3. Unsubscribe
Reclaim your time and mental resources, starting with all those pesky emails. Say goodbye to the newsletters you never read, promotions that flood your inbox and more.

Manage your distractions with the Digital Declutter challenge today.