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Get the Basics with the
Brain Health 101 Challenge

Simple Steps to a Better Understanding of Brain Health

Taking care of your brain health is easier than you may think. Eating the right foods, incorporating exercise, and staying engaged are just a few ways to help you to stay on top of your brain health.

Neurosurgeon and CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta, M.D. helps you to better understand the six pillars of brain health and how making small changes can have a lasting impact in your life.  The Brain Health 101 Challenge is full of insights, new discoveries, and practical strategies for incorporating the six pillars of brain health to your everyday life.

You’ll learn about:

·       Creating healthy habits that benefit you in the long-term

·       Reaping the rewards of proper nutrition and exercise

·       The building blocks of brain health and well-being

·       Setting goals to make exercise a regular part of your life

It’s time to take the first step and create your own path. Start the Brain Health 101 Challenge today!

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