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Brain Health Assessment

Want to go a step further? Get insights into how your brain performs and get personalized recommendations.

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The Science Behind the Brain Health Assessment

The assessment measures the speed and accuracy of the way you think, the way you focus, the way you remember and how you make decisions. Neuroscientists validated the tasks in the assessment, which are used by clinicians all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of users have registered, so your results will explain how you’re doing compared with people of the same gender, age and years of education.

How It Works

We recommend taking the assessment in a quiet room and paying careful attention to the
instructions before each test. It may take up to 30 minutes to complete.

Create Your Profile

Answer a few quick questions about your age, gender and education to build your profile. 

Complete Cognitive Tests

There are five scientifically valid tests to take. Before you begin each test, pay careful attention to the instructions.    

Answer Lifestyle Questions

Answer a series of short questions about your sleep, exercise, diet, stress and other daily routines.

Your Results

Review Your Scores

The assessment reveals a snapshot of how your brain is performing based on cognitive and lifestyle measures built into the assessment.

Get Recommendations

We offer personalized recommendations based on how you scored.

Track Progress

Take the assessment every 90 days to track your scores.  

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