Brain Health Assessment

For those that want deeper insights, take the assessment to get a baseline score, learn about brain-friendly habits and then retake the assessment every 90 days to track progress.

This unique value is offered by AARP for a one-time purchase of $14.

Why Invest in the Brain Health Assessment?

The assessment gives you a view into how you’re performing today and enables you to learn about science-based habits to help support brain health as you age. 

  • Know your brain health score
  • Track your brain as you age
  • Learn about brain-friendly habits

How It Works

Lifestyle Questions
Answer questions about six lifestyle areas that scientists say have the biggest impact on brain health. Your results are then translated into easy actions you can take to maintain or improve your scores.

Cognitive Questions
Take tests to measure speed and accuracy in five key areas: processing speed, attention, working memory, cognitive flexibility and recognition memory. We test these areas because they change as we age.

Understanding Your Core Assessment Score

The assessment offers a snapshot of how aspects of your brain are performing based on cognitive and lifestyle measures built into the assessment.

Lifestyle scores are based on your level of activity in six key areas that impact brain health. Cognitive scores are based on your speed and accuracy in five key areas.

Personalized Recommendations

Build a personalized program based on your results. We suggest Brain Health Challenges, articles and daily activities to help you learn about actions you can take every day to support brain health. Then save your favorites to our interactive tool called My Plan to keep track of activities you want to incorporate into your day.

One thing you’ll never see us suggest is a so-called brain training game. Let us explain why. Scientific research shows you may get better at the game you play. Yet improvements in game performance have not yet been convincingly shown to result in improvements in people’s daily cognitive abilities. Learn more.

Track Your Progress
Take the assessment every 90 days to see how your score changes over time. A one-time purchase of $14 gives you unlimited access to these tests every 90 days as long as you’re an active AARP member.

Brain Palette™
Use this visual to express with color how you’re feeling about your brain health.

Play fun games to relax, including memory and word games.

Daily Puzzle
Solve fun and unique puzzles every day including word problems, math challenges, trivia questions and more.

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