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Brain Health Assessment

Get a baseline score, learn about brain-friendly habits and take the assessment every 90 days to track progress.

Developed by scientists, used by physicians, and offered by AARP for 9,000 AARP Rewards points or a one-time purchase of $14. Try three free example tests first. 

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Explore our New and Expanded Brain Health Assessment

Taking the Brain Health Assessment can give you a view into how you’re performing today and enable you to learn about science-based habits to help support brain health as we age. Start with the core assessment and take the additional tests to measure even more elements of cognition.

  • Know your brain health score
  • Track your brain as you age
  •  Learn about brain-friendly habits

How It Works

Get in the right mindset. Be well rested, find a quiet space and commit to reading the instructions before starting.
Prepare to set aside up to 40 minutes to complete the Assessment.

Create Your Profile

Answer a few quick questions about your age, gender and education to build your profile. 

Take the Core Assessment

Take tests about memory, attention and more then answer questions about sleep, diet, stress and more.     

Get Deeper Insights

Take additional tests that explore non-verbal reasoning, spatial processing and verbal reasoning.

Your Results

Review Your Scores

The assessment reveals a snapshot of how your brain is performing based on cognitive and lifestyle measures built into the assessment.

Receive Recommendations

Explore challenges and read articles and activities to learn about brain-friendly habits you can incorporate in daily life.

Track Progress

Take the assessment every 90 days to track your scores.  

Start exploring Staying Sharp today.