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Challenge yourself to build stronger habits in just 15 minutes a day.  


Whether you are on the go or at home, the app leads you through interactive challenges on memory, problem-solving and more. Use your smartphone to take quizzes, practice new skills and discover activities. Find out how a healthy lifestyle can help protect your brain. Plus, AARP Members enrolled in AARP Rewards can earn 750 points when they download the Staying Sharp app and 1,050 points for each challenge completed in the app.


Take Staying Sharp with you

Step-by-step, the app walks you through each interactive challenge.

Step 1: Download the Staying Sharp app from your preferred app store
Step 2: Select a challenge and take a preliminary quiz
Step 3: Dive in to learn skills focused on memory, stress, sleep, diet, exercise and more

Your progress is saved, whether you’re using a smartphone, computer or tablet. 


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The app is available from the App Store on iOS devices or the Play Store on Android devices. Anyone can download and preview the app. AARP members and other authorized users receive full access to the Staying Sharp app for no additional charge. Want to find out more? Check out our FAQs.