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Eat Smart and Safe

How-to videos on coronavirus food questions,
shopping safely, washing produce, and storing veggies.


A woman washing produce in the kitchen sink

Healthy Home Cooking

No-Sweat Cooking

Snacks and Treats

Breakfast All Day

Meatless Mondays

Take-Out at Home

How-to videos for shopping and storing wisely.

Your Food and Coronavirus Questions Answered
What the experts advise to help you stay safe when it comes to food and COVID-19.

Shopping Safely During the Coronavirus Outbreak
Delivery services may be a safer option, but if you need to go shopping yourself, follow this advice.

The Best Way to Store Fruits and Veggies
Use our handy chart to help you where — and how — to store your produce.

Guide to Washing Produce
It's important to clean those fruits and veggies for your protection.

What is the Best Way to Store Fresh Berries?
Make summer-ripe berries last longer with these prep and storage tips.

How to Freeze Soup
Don't waste your leftovers — save them for later! With this easy method, freezing soup has never been simpler.