Let the Brain Games Begin!

Studies suggest that the brain may benefit from trying new activities, learning new skills and generally going outside of your daily routine.


Split Words
Challenge your brain with a memory game that challenges you to remember words on the tip of your tongue.

Sense of Speed
Test your perception of speed in this attention and reaction time game.

Hurray for Change
Challenge your brain with two levels of word ordering tasks in this game.

Identify and highlight positive words embedded in a crossword puzzle.

Test Calculation Skills
Train calculation and processing skills with Countdown mental math game. 

Bubble Topia
This exercise is designed to increase responses to positive information while minimizing responses to negative information.

Secret Files
Help improve your memory by categorizing words into related secret drawers.

Private Eye
Find the symbol that doesn't belong in this attention and concentration brain game.


...and MANY more!


Did you know your brain thrives on new information and activities? A 2014 study from the University of Edinburgh and the University of Texas tells us that trying new things, like quilting, playing a challenging game, or learning a different language can strengthen our brains. 


Are you Keeping Your Brain in a Box?

According to Harvard Brain Scientist, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor it is probably in our brain’s best interests to veer off our regular path and break the mold every once in a while; "As we get older, we routinize our self so we have this lovely little routine that fits in a box. So what you're saying to your brain is "it's okay, you have to be the size of the box.' But that's not what we want. We want new - new and unfamiliar. And that's what you want to do, you want to keep your brain cells excited."


A New Spin on Brain Games

Staying Sharp features a wide variety of fun and engaging brain games that focus on memory, decision making and strengthening cognitive abilities. These games help to train your brain in a variety of ways that can help you in your daily life. 

Memory Focused Games

Exercise your brain with Staying Sharp’s memory games designed to engage different centers of the brain. Whether it's a matching game, word scrambler, or combination these games are a fun way to engage and exercise your brain while testing your ability to recall colors, phrases, and objects. 



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