AARP's Approach to Brain Health

AARP Staying Sharp is a program that provides you with content, tools, and activities to stimulate and support the brain as you age. Create a path that works for your daily life.

Get to know all that Staying Sharp has to offer. Try our Brain Health Challenges, incorporate new exercises into your routine, or check out our fun cooking videos. AARP Members have access to this and so much more.

Staying Sharp’s Six Pillars of Brain Health

A healthy lifestyle protects the brain. Practice these six pillars for better brain health and "BE MORE" with Staying Sharp.

Be Social

Engage Your Brain

Manage Stress

Ongoing Exercise

Restorative Sleep

Eat Right

AARP Members Get

  • Brain Health Challenges to learn about practical skills you can use in your daily life.
  • Articles on how challenging your mind and keeping your body in optimal health.
  • Activities you can easily apply in your daily life.
  • Recipes to help nourish your brain.
  • Videos and meditations to explore exercises, healthy eating and more.
  • Games that are challenging and fun.
  • A plan you create by choosing activities and exercises that fit your lifestyle.

Brain Health Assessment

Get a baseline score to see how you’re performing today and take the tests every 90 days to track progress. This gives you time between assessments to learn about and incorporate any brain-friendly habits you choose into your daily routine. The Assessment is developed by scientists, used by physicians, and offered by AARP for a one-time purchase of $14. Not ready to buy? There are three free example tests available to see how the Assessment works.

Start exploring Staying Sharp today.