The Brain Health Staycation

When you’re stuck at home, use the six pillars to help keep your brain healthy and engaged.

Ongoing Exercise
Denise Austin shows you exercises you can do at home

Eat Right
Simple food swaps that may help support mood and cognitive function

Manage Stress
Spending time in green spaces can reduce stress

Restorative Sleep
What to do when stress and anxiety make it difficult to sleep

Be Social
Find out how to maintain your social networks from home

Find Time for Play
Building fun into your day may strengthen neural connections

Explore the World
Visit museums, concerts, plays and other cultural events from home

Play a Game
Sometimes a distraction can help get our minds off things

Your Brain on Puzzles

Games and puzzles are a fun and social way to increase your curiosity and keep your brain active.

Memory Loss – Is it Inevitable?

Learn about how memory works and techniques to use every day.