Cooking With Brain-Friendly Foods

Explore ways to eat well and nourish your brain in Cooking With Brain-Friendly Foods series. Just one of the many benefits from AARP Staying Sharp!

Experience Staying Sharp

Enjoy this sneak peak of what you can expect from the Cooking With Brain-Friendly Foods series, which features delicious foods, easy recipes and smart safety tips. Learn how to turn your kitchen into a cooking powerhouse.


Try these food swaps, which could benefit your body, mind and mood.

1. Sweeten plain yogurt with blueberries, instead of sugar.

2. Munch on cashews, rather than pretzels.

3. Make an omelet with whole eggs, instead of just whites.

Learn more about simple food swaps.

Tips & Tricks

How the Mediterranean Diet May Protect Against Dementia 

Amid recent heated discussions over whether Americans should be eating less beef, a May 2021 study finds that the vegetable- and fish-heavy Mediterranean diet may help protect the brain against dementia.


Don't Get Stuck in a Home-Cooking Rut

It's easy to get stuck in a home-cooking rut, making the same things over and over. The Cooking With Brain-Friendly Foods series shows that lots of things can taste good and be good for you. We’ll share tasty suggestions — from breakfast all day to takeout-style meals — and even show you how to stress-bake your worries away. Treat yourself today!


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