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Cognitive Assessment

For those that want deeper insights, take the assessment to see how you’re performing today on certain aspects of cognition, including reasoning, memory and attention.

This unique value is FREE to all AARP members and registered users of Plus, earn up to 1,500 AARP Rewards points when you complete the assessment and check-ins for the first time.

Legal Disclaimer: Staying Sharp, including all content and features, is offered for informational purposes and to educate users on brain health care and medical issues that may affect their daily lives. Staying Sharp is based on a holistic, lifestyle approach to brain health that encourages users to incorporate into their daily lives activities that are associated with general wellness. Nothing in the service should be considered, or used as a substitute for, medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Features including the Cognitive Assessment and Lifestyle Check-Ins, Additional Tests, exercises, and challenges assess performance at a particular moment in time on certain discrete cognitive tasks. Staying Sharp games are intended for entertainment and recreational purposes only. Various factors may affect performance, including sleep, tiredness, focus, and other social, environmental, or emotional factors. Performance is not indicative of cognitive health and not predictive of future performance or medical conditions.

Why Take the Cognitive Assessment?

  • Know your cognitive score
  • Learn about brain-friendly habits

How It Works

Cognitive Assessment
Take the Cognitive Assessment to measure speed and accuracy in five key areas: processing speed, attention, working memory, cognitive flexibility and recognition memory. 

Lifestyle Check-Ins
Answer questions about six lifestyle areas that scientists say may have the biggest impact on brain health. 

Additional Tests
Go beyond the Cognitive Assessment and Lifestyle Check-Ins and take Additional Tests to evaluate even more elements of cognition like spatial processing, non-verbal reasoning and verbal reasoning.

Understanding Your Cognitive Score

The Cognitive Assessment offers a snapshot of how your brain is performing compared to others of the same age, gender and years of education.

We suggest content and daily activities to help you learn more about specific elements of brain health. Save your favorite challenges, articles, activities and recipes to our interactive tool called My Favorites.

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