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Being Present Challenge

Do you replay moments from the past or get distracted by what the future will bring? Take the Being Present challenge and learn about techniques to experience the world with focus and gratitude. 

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Experience the Being Present Challenge

Research studies indicate that regularly practicing meditation and mindfulness can help with focus, stress and overall well-being. Discover what you can learn in just 15 minutes a day over seven days with this sample challenge step.

1. Learn
Live with purpose.
Take a break from thinking about the past and future. In this video, learn about mindfulness, the practice of staying in the moment and how it can help bring mental and physical health benefits.

2. Apply
Shake up your routine
After learning about how to live more mindfully, explore ways to apply this concept to daily life. Try one of these approaches today.

See with new eyes. 
Take a familiar object from home and examine it as if you’ve never seen it before. Is there something you’d forgotten or never noticed before, or is your experience or reaction altered by your interest?

Notice how objects feel.
Take an object from home and pay attention to its texture, touching it as if for the first time. Notice what you experience as you interact with the object.

Try hearing, smelling, and tasking anew. 
Try hearing, smelling, and tasting anew. Gather three everyday objects — one to hear, one to smell and one to taste. Let go of expectations and allow your senses to lead you as you focus on each object, one at a time. Focus on hearing the first object, smelling the second and tasting the third.

Explore the power of being present today.