Explore our New and Expanded Brain Health Assessment 

An expanded suite of tests to give you deeper insight with personalized recommendations.

Core Assessment
Lifestyle Questions are combined with a battery of science-based Cognitive Tests which assess core areas like memory, attention, and processing speed. Plan to set aside 30 minutes.

Additional Tests
A second suite of tests will explore additional skills like Non-Verbal Reasoning, Spatial Processing, Verbal Reasoning and others, to round out your understanding of your cognitive skills. Plan to set aside 20 minutes.

Why the Brain Health Assessment

Knowledge is power. Taking the Brain Health Assessment can give you a view into how you’re performing today and enable you to learn about strategies to help support brain health as we age.

Know Your Brain Health Score

Don’t guess when it comes to your brain health. Take a series of science-based tests to identify areas where you are strong and areas you should work to improve.

Personalized Brain Health Program

Based on your assessment, we will help you build a personalized program with suggested activities that support brain health.

Track Your Brain as You Age

Early detection of changes can help you learn about your brain over time. Pay once for the test and get unlimited future tests every 90 days.

Know How You Compare to Others

Understand how aspects of your memory, attention, processing speed and other brain functions compare to others your same age.

How should I prepare for the Brain Health Assessment?

It’s as easy as watching this video for a detailed overview of the experience. Please pay careful attention to the instructions as they will prepare you for the fast-paced tests.

Review Your Brain Health Score
Your results are a snapshot of how your brain performed based on five science-based tests and a lifestyle questionnaire. 

Get Personalized Recommendations
Take time to explore your recommendations and consider incorporating new activities into your daily life. The assessment is available to retake every 90 days.

The individual, personal results of your Brain Health Assessment, and other personal data submitted in connection with AARP Staying Sharp, is not sold or shared with third parties for marketing or commercial purposes. For more information about how AARP handles personal information generally, please see our privacy policy.