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AARP Staying Sharp, an online program that shows you how to build habits that support your brain health — and have fun doing it!

How you spend your day can have a big impact on brain health, research shows. Eat well, move often, see friends, get good sleep, manage stress and keep learning. We'll share the whys and the how-tos.

What Do I Get?

Take the Cognitive Assessment and other tests to see how your memory and attention are working today, then learn strategies to support brain health as you age.  We also have games for a fun distraction. 

Cognitive Assessment and Lifestyle Check-Ins

Knowledge is power. Take some time to understand your cognitive skills. Thirteen tests in all to help you think about what strategies to practice for your brain health. 

Plus, earn up to 1,500 AARP Rewards points when you take the FREE assessment and check-ins for the first time.

Make Brain Health a Habit

AARP's Global Council on Brain Health reviewed the latest research to offer the best advice. The result is the six pillars of brain health. Learn how to build habits around all six.

Choose Your Path

An extensive menu of interactive challenges and activities plus meditations, exercise demos and TED videos. Need a healthy recipe? We've got you covered.

AARP Members Get More

Staying Sharp Mobile App

Whether you are on the go or at home, the app leads AARP members through interactive challenges on memory, problem-solving and more.


Digital Declutter

This challenge will make you more aware of your distraction triggers. You'll learn ways to manage yoiur digital world so technology is a help, not an obstacle.


TED Talks on Brain Health

Find close to 100 specially curated videos on stress reduction, creativity, finding joy, taming social anxiety and much more.

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